Determination of heterogeneities in a scraped surface heat exchanger using electrochemical sensors

2022-05-19 19:12:36 Ftherm Machinery

An experimental investigation of a scaled-down model of an industrial exchanger, using an electrochemical technique, was undertaken in order to show the presence of hydrodynamic heterogeneities at low axial Reynolds number. Heterogeneities were revealed in the bowls with respect to the generalized Taylor number as the result of the perturbations added to the flow by blade rotation at both ends of the exchanger. Shear heterogeneities associated to flow visualizations were correlated to temperature heterogeneities observed in the bowls. Shear fluctuations were revealed in the scraped part describing two distinctive zones at low rotation speed caused by varying viscosity in the flow field. A complex spiral flow was observed by flow visualization characterizing a mass transfer evolution comprised between these two distinctive zones at low Taylor number.