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Quick Overview

Ftherm® Machinery is located in Shanghai, China, company scine 1996,it is a provider of VotatorsVotator Machine,Margarine and Shortening production line,Butter/ Sauce/ Ghee/Starch Votator machine plant and other continuous voator process -filling-packing machine equipment.

Votator-Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers-Ftherm® Machinery

Ftherm® Machinery has several series of scraped surface heat exchangers(Votator), namely Ftherm® X series Votators, Ftherm® Plus series Margarine production machine, Ftherm® T series Double Surface Scraped Heat Exchangers, Ftherm® A series Shortening Making machine. The wide range of scraped surface heat exchangers and specifications of Ftherm® Machinery  can be applied to High Viscosity products, Particulate-Laden Products, Heat Sensitive Products, Viscous Products and Crystallized Products, You can application Ftherm® Votator heat exchanger to complete Heating, Cooling, Crystallization, Pasteurization, Sterilization, Gelatinize and Evaporation continuous process.

Ok, Let's take a look at what are Ftherm® Machinery Votator & Votators.

1. Unique Features of Ftherm® Different SSHEs

1. Ftherm® Plus Series Margarine Machine(Scraper Heat Exchangers)

Higher pressure, Stronger power,Greater production capacity

Standard 120bar pressure design, the maximum motor power is 55kW,The margarine making capacity is up to 8000KG/h

2. Ftherm® X Series Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

Higher hygienic standard, Richer configuration, can be Customized

Reference to the requirements of 3A standards, a variety of Blade/Tube/Shaft/Heat area can be selected, and models of various sizes can be selected to support personalized customization requirements

3. Ftherm® A Series Shortening Production Machine(SSHEs)

Higher shaft speed, Narrower channel gap, Longer metal scraper

Shaft rotation speed up to 660r/min, channel gap narrower to 7mm , metal scraper long to 763mm

4. Ftherm® T Series Double Surface Scraper Heat Exchanger

Lower shaft speed, Wider channel gap, Larger heat exchange area

Shaft rotation speed low to 100r/min, channel gap wider to 50mm, double-surface heat transfer, heat transfer area up to 7 square meters

2. Ftherm® Margarine and Shortening Prodution Line

Margarine/Shortening production process

Margarine and shortening are very popular in the bakery industrythe raw material  include palm oil,  vegetable oils, animal fat, partially hydrogenated oils and fats, marine oils, palm kernel oil, lard, beef tallow, palm stearin, coconut oil, etc. The main margarine production process are Measuring——Ingredients Configuration——Filtration——Emulsification——Margarine refrigeration——Pin Rotor Kneading——Resting——Filling & Packing. The equipment that makes up the Margarine Shortening production plant includes the Votators, Scraped Surface Heat ExchangerKneaderPin Rotor, margarine rest tube, shortening filling and packing machine, homogenizer, emulsifying tank, batching tank, high pressure pump, sterilizer, refrigeration compressor, refrigeration unit, cooling tower, etc.

Where, Ftherm® A + B + C units or Ftherm® Plus + B + CH units forms a margarine/shortening crystallization line, which can produce tabe margarine, shortening, puff pastry margarine and other butter products. The structure of Ftherm® A Series SSHE Shortening making machine is unique. After many years optimization, it has high equipment stability, the fineness and finish of the shortening products are leading in China.

In general, Ftherm® margarine/shortening(ghee) production process is:

Margarine/Shortening production machine line-Ftherm®

1. Oil and Fat blends and aqueous phase are pre-weighed in two emulsion holding and mixing vessels. Blending in o the holding/ mixing vessels is done by load cells controlled by PLC control system.

2. Blending processing is controlled by logical computer with touch screen. Each mixing/production tank is equipped with high shear mixer to emulsify the oil and aqueous phases.

3. The mixer is equipped with variable speed drive to reduce the speed for gentle agitation after emulsification is done. The two tanks will be used as production tank and emulsification tank alternatively.

4. The production tank will also function as any product recycle from the production line. The production tank will be the water/chemical tank for the line cleaning and sanitation.

5. The emulsion from the production tank will pass through a twin filter/strainer to ensure no solid will pass in o the final product (GMP requirement).

6. The filter/strainer operates alternatively for filter cleaning. The filtered emulsion is then passed through a pasteurizer (GMP requirement) which consists of three sections of two plate heaters and one retention pipe.

7. The first plate heater will heat the oil emulsion up to pasteurization temperature prior to passing through the retention pipe to provide the necessary holding time.

8.  Any emulsion heat to less than the required pasteurization temperature will be recycled back to the production tank.

9 The pasteurized oil emulsion will enter in o the cooling plate heat exchanger to cool down to approximate 5 ~ 7-degree C above the oil melting point to minimize chilling energy.

10. The plate heater is heated by hot water system with temperature control. The plate cooling is done by cooling tower water with automatic temperature regulation valve and PID loops.

11. The emulsion pumping/transfer, up to this point, is done by one high pressure pump. The emulsion is fed in o Votator unit and pin rotor in different orders, then lower the temperature to the desired exit temperature for produce the margarine/shortening products needed.

12. The semi-solid oil coming out of the votator machine will be packing or filling by the margarine shortening filling and packaging machine.

3. Ftherm® Starch/Scaue Votator Machine Line System

Many prepared foods or other products do not achieve optimal heat transfer due to their consistency. For example, starch, scaue,bulky, sticky, sticky or crystalline products contained in food products can quickly clog or foul certain parts of the heat exchanger. The advantage scrap surface heat exchanger incorporates special designs that make it a model heat exchanger for heating or cooling these products that damage heat transfer. As the product is pumped in o the SSHE material barrel, the rotor and scraper unit ensures an even temperature distribution, scraping the material away from the heat exchange surface while continuously and gently mixing the product.

Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Diagram starch gelatinization system Line-Ftherm® Machinery

The Ftherm® starch cooking system consists of a heating section, a heat preservation section and a cooling section. Depending on the output, configure a single or multiple scrap heat exchangers. After the starch slurry is batched in the batching tank, it is pumped in o the cooking system through the feeding pump. The Ftherm®  SSHE heater used steam as a heating medium to heat the starch slurry from 25°C to 85°C, whereupon, the starch slurry was kept in the holding section for 2 minutes. The material was cooled from 85°C to 65°C by  SSHEs as a cooling device and using ethylene glycol as a cooling medium. The cooled material goes to the next section. The whole system can be cleaned by CIP or SIP to ensure the hygienic index of the whole system.

Ftherm® Starch/Scaue Cooking Machine Line

4. Ftherm® Custard/Mayonnaise SSHE Machine Line

Custard / mayonnaise / edible sauce production line is a professional system for mayonnaise and the other oil / water phase emulsified ingredients, according to the production process of mayonnaise and the like, the stirring. our equipment is more suitable for mixing products whose viscosity similar to mayonnaise. Emulsification is the core of the production of mayonnaise and Votator series SSHEs, we adopt a production method based on the principle of on-line three-phase micro emulsification, the oil / water phase is divided in o small units, then met in the emulsifying function area, completed the complexation between emulsifier and oil / water emulsion. This design allows the designer to specify the partition of the functional area in the whole scraped surface heat exchanger system, and better to adjust and optimize the whole manufacturing process. Such as in emulsion functional areas, Votator series strengthens emulsifying capacity, makes the oil phase to be emulsified in o microscopic liquid drops and complexing with the aqueous phase and the emulsifier the first time so that getting a stable emulsion system of oil in water, thus solving problems like too wide oil droplet size distribution, poor stability of the product type, and vulnerable to the risk of oil spills etc., which easily cause by the macro emulsification method and mixing stirring modes that interfere with each other.

Ftherm® Votator process for Custard / edible sauce production

In addition, Ftherm® scraped surface heat exchangers are also used in other Heating, Cooling, Crystallization, Pasteurization, Sterilization, Gelatinize and Evaporation continuous process.


5. Best price of Votators

Since 1996, Ftherm® Machinery has been focusing on the field of scraped surface heat exchangers. Their scraped surface heat exchangers have a very high reputation and reputation in the Asia market. Ftherm® Machinery has long time offered the best price machines to the bakery industry, food industry and the daily chemical industry. The price of their scraper heat exchangers is about one-third of that of similar products in Europe and America, and is welcomed by many factories. The manufacturing plant uses the good-quality and inexpensive Ftherm® scraped surface heat exchangers made in China to rapidly increase production capacity and reduce production costs, the Goods produced by their factory have excellent market competitiveness and cost advantages, quickly occupied most market share.


Food manufacturers from all over the world are welcome to purchase scraper heat exchangers directly from Ftherm® Machinery, and related equipment manufacturers, installation and engineering companies are also welcome to apply to become our brand agents. We provide good-quality and cheap scraped surface heat exchanger with the best price.


For more information, Please Visit  www.ftherm.com  

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Votator Applications

Applications Products of Votator

Fat and Oil Foods

Margarine, shortening, Puff Pastry Margarine, Fluid Shortening, Ghee, Bakery Fat, Table Margarine, Fat Spread with or without milk fat, Re-Constituted Butter, Cocoa butter substitute and equivalents, Cake Margarine, Cake Shortening, Cream Margarine & Shortening, Puff Shortening, Puff Margarine

High viscosity materials

Surimi, tomato paste, chocolate sauce, whipped/aerated products, peanut butter, mashed potatoes, sandwich sauce, gelatin, nougat, shampoo, mechanical boneless minced meat, skin cream, etc.

Heat-sensitive materials
cream cheese, Egg liquid products, gravy, fruit preparations, whey, soy sauce, protein liquid minced fish, etc.

Crystallization and phase transition
sugar concentrate, lard, gummies, solvents, fatty acids, petrolatum, beer and wine, etc.

Granular materials

Minced meat, chicken nuggets, fish meal, pet food, preserves, fruit ingredients, cake fillings, smoothies, pudding, vegetable slices, Laoganma, etc.

Viscous material
Caramel, cheese sauce, lecithin, cheese, candy, yeast extract, mascara, toothpaste, wax, etc.

Applications Process of Votators(Votator)


Aseptic cooling

Cryogenic cooling





Evaporation process

What is a Ftherm® X Series surface scraped heat exchanger?

Ftherm® X SSHEs is a new type of scraped surface heat exchanger that can be used to heat and cool products of various viscosities, especially suitable for extremely viscous and viscous products. It has strong quality, economical hygiene, high heat transfer efficiency, and affordable features.We provide Ftherm Votators scraped surface heat exchangers made in China, Learn more in this video.

What is a Ftherm® Margarine Productin Line ?

Ftherm® A + B + C or Plus + B + CH units forms a margarine production line, which can produce tabe margarine, shortening, puff pastry margarine and other products. The structure of Ftherm scraper heat exchanger is unique. After long-term optimization, it has high equipment stability, and the fineness and finish of the products are leading in China.Learn more in this video.


What is a Ftherm® Shortening/Ghee Productin Machine Line ?

Shanghai Ftherm Machinery Co., Ltd. supplies shortening processing production line with production capacity ranging from 1000kg /hr to 8000kg /hr, including mixing and emulsifying equipment, high-pressure transfer pump equipment, scraper heat exchanger (Votator), kneader, filling machine, packaging machine, remelting system and CIP system. It can provide turnkey service engineering of shortening processing production line.Learn more in this video.

Even more with Ftherm® SSHEs,Please Visit www.ftherm.com or Contact Sales@ftherm.com