Unique Features of Ftherm® Different Sreies Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

2022-06-10 22:49:18 Ftherm Machinery

Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

Ftherm® Machinery has a wide series of scraped surface heat exchangers, Each series has different characteristics and is suitable for different processes, which can be used to produce medium-low viscosity to high-viscosity products, whether you need to heat or cool the product, crystallization, pasteurization, retort, sterilization, gelation, concentration, freezing, evaporation and other continuous production processes, you can find a scraped surface heat exchanger product in Ftherm® Machinery.

Ftherm® Plus Series SSHEs

Greater production capacity, Higher pressure, Stronger power

The maximum production capacity is up to 8000KG/h, equipped with 120bar pressure, and the maximum motor power is 55kW

Ftherm® X Series SSHEs

Higher hygienic standard, Richer configuration, can be Customized

Designed with reference to the requirements of 3A standards, a variety of blade forms and materials can be selected, and models of various sizes can be selected to support personalized customization requirements

Ftherm® A Series SSHEs

Higher shaft speed, Narrower channel gap, Longer metal scraper

Higher shaft speed to 660r/min, channel gap narrower to 7mm , metal scraper long to 763mm

Ftherm® T Series SSHEs

Lower shaft speed, Wider channel gap, Larger heat exchange area

Shaft speed low to 100r/min, channel gap wider to 50mm, double-surface heat transfer, heat transfer area up to 7 square meters