Ftherm® CH Pin Rotor/Kneading

2022-07-28 20:28:30 Ftherm® Machinery

Pin Rotor ,Pin Worker

The Ftherm machine® CH Pin Worker/Rotor is an excellent margarine production solution that ensures proper crystallization and consistency of various margarine and shortening products. Our Ftherm machine® CH Pin Worker/Rotor provides flexibility in the production process in two very important ways. First, adjustments can be made to change the mixing intensity level and compression time. This allows you to change the type of oil according to the supply and demand in the market. With this method, you can take advantage of oil price fluctuations without affecting product quality. Gradually, you can flexibly use various margarine and shortening products at high or low pressure and variable speed.

1. High hygiene standards

Ftherm machine® CH Pin Worker/Rotor is designed to meet the hygienic standards required by the 3A standard. Product parts in contact with food are made of high-quality stainless steel, and all product seals are hygienic.

2. Easy to maintain

The overall design of the Ftherm machine® CH Pin worker/Kneading is suitable for easy replacement of wearing parts during repairs and maintenance.

3. Optimization goal

The factory itself is very important. The initial design of the Ftherm machine® CH Pin worker/Kneading compression joint machine allows you to easily connect and use the factory's hot water.

4. Exquisite materials

Product contact parts are made of high-quality stainless steel. Product seals replace balanced mechanical seals and food-grade seals. The sealing surface is hygienic silicon carbide, and the moving parts are made of chromium carbide.

5. High benchmark design

    Between 0~340r/min, and can be adjusted, so that your margarine product can have a wide adjustment range, suitable for a wider range of products.

Principle of Ftherm® CH Pin Rotor/Kneading

  The Ftherm® CH Pin worker/Kneading adopts a pin-type stirring structure to ensure that the material has sufficient stirring time to break the network structure of solid fat crystals and refine the crystals. The motor is a speed-adjusting motor, and the stirring speed can be adjusted according to different solid fat content, which can meet the production requirements of various formulas of artificial cream manufacturers according to market conditions or the needs of consumer groups.

  If the semi-finished oil and fat product containing crystal nucleus enters the mixer, the crystal grows after a period of time. If the semi-finished oil and fat product is crystallized at rest, a network structure of solid lipid crystals will be formed, and the overall hardness is very large, and there is no plasticity. To get a certain plasticity product, it must be mechanically extruded before forming the overall network structure, breaking the original network structure, recrystallizing it, reducing the consistency, and increasing the plasticity. 50--440 rpm / min), and slowly form crystals. Due to the crystallization heat generated by crystallization and the frictional heat generated by stirring, the temperature of the material out of the closing machine has risen, making the crystals soft.