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------committed to becoming the leading manufacturer and service provider of scraped surface heat exchangers in the World!

Ftherm® is Internationally Renowned Votators Brand, Ftherm® Machinery located in Shanghai, China. Company Since 1996, it is a provider of applications, services and equipment for scraped surface heat exchangers in high viscosity products processing, margarine and shortening, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries. Ftherm Machinery has several series of scraped surface heat exchangers, namely Ftherm® X series SSHEs, Ftherm® Plus series SSHEs, Ftherm® T series SSHEs, Ftherm® A series SSHES, and the derived extension of Ftherm® G series gelatin extruder, Ftherm® Lab experimental scraped surface heat exchangers.


Ftherm® machinery has a wide range of scraped surface heat exchangers and specifications, with a single heat exchange area ranging from 0.08 square meters to 7.0 square meters, which can be used to produce medium-low viscosity to high-viscosity products, whether you need to heat or cool the product, crystallization, pasteurization, retort, sterilization, gelation, concentration, freezing, evaporation and other continuous production processes, you can find a scraped surface heat exchanger product in Ftherm® Machinery.


Where, Ftherm® X+ B + C or Plus + B + CH units forms a margarine production line, which can produce industrial margarine, shortening, puff pastry margarine margarine, vegetable ghee, vegetable butter, specialty fats, puff margarine, lard and oil&fat products. The structure of Ftherm® scraper heat exchanger is unique. After long-term optimization, it has high equipment stability, and the fineness and finish of the products are leading in the World.


Where, The Ftherm® starch slurry cooking system(Sauce,Mayonnaise,Custard) consists of a heating section, a heat preservation section and a cooling section. Depending on the output, configure a single or multiple Ftherm® X series scraper heat exchangers.


Ftherm® machinery not only can provide your multiple series of scraped surface heat exchangers single machine, but also can provide you with a complete set of engineering solutions, recipe, production processes and automatic packaging for fats & oils and strach sauce food and High viscosity products. Ftherm® customers can choose a turnkey project model to ensure that the users we serve can produce all the top-quality food products they need to produce.


Ftherm® has an excellent after-sales service team. All major equipment is provided with a one-year free warranty period, and all equipment is provided with lifetime maintenance service. We can also provide commonly used spare parts(Mechanical seal, scraper, crystallization cylinder, sealing ring) for scraped surface heat exchangers of other brands in the world.

Company Philosophy: Ftherm Machinery is not only a manufacturer of high-quality scraped surface heat exchangers, but also a leader in the scraped surface heat exchanger industry. We uphold the core value of "creating value for partners" and take "honesty" "Stable, innovative, and service" is the spirit of service. Through independent innovation and sincere cooperation, it leads the Chinese scraped surface heat exchanger industry to participate in international competition and make due contributions to creating value for society.


Company Vision: Committed to becoming a leading and internationally renowned scraped surface heat exchanger manufacturing and service provider.

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